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Director of Mercy Home for Children is this week’s guest

Sister Kay Crumlish, executive director of the Mercy Home for Children , will be the guest speaker at this week’s meeting (Thursday, Feb. 21).

Mercy’s Visitation Residence for the developmentally disabled, on Richards Street in Red Hook, suffered severely in Hurricane Sandy, which hit soon after Mercy celebrated its 150th anniversary.

“These are fragile lives turned upside down,” Sr. Crumlish told the Daily News.

“A hurricane is hard for everybody — but for the developmentally disabled, change is really a problem,” caretaker Sabrina White said.

The Brooklyn Bridge Rotary Club will present Mercy with a check to assist with the purchase of new washing machines to replace units destroyed by Sandy.

The club meets every Thursday, 6 to 7 pm, in the NY Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge. Check board in hotel lobby for room location. Dinner is $30 and visitors are welcome.

This post was revised on Feb. 21.


It’s been a rough couple of weeks for a whole lot of people in the New York area, including several members of our club and numerous Rotarians throughout Long Island District 7250. Right now, we might all appreciate something to smile about!

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Message regarding impact of Hurricane Sandy: Rotary is here to help

Brooklyn Paper photo by Paul Martina

Greetings, Fellow Rotarians.

This message is especially for members of Brooklyn Bridge Rotary Club, and to our friends at the Brooklyn, Verrazano, Flushing and New York  Rotary clubs. I hope all of you are well! If not, we are here to help.

If anyone knows of any other rotarian besides Astrudge McLean and myself who were affected by the storm, please let us know what we can do to help out in these troubled times. If you have a close friend who also needs some assistance, this includes them too.

Sandra Dowling, this includes your friend out in Sea Gate. Together we can make a difference and accomplish more.

Rotarian Astrudge McLean’s home in Coney Island sustained foundational and extensive water damaged. The home in Sea Gate of a friend of Rotarian Sandra Dowling was damaged; I believe it is inhabitable. Homeowners insurance usually doesn’t cover everything. My home sustained damage from a fallen tree; however, I am covered and need no assistance.

Now is the time we can help. I am asking all the leaders of our adjoining Rotary clubs to set aside funds to help our fellow members and close acquaintances in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Service Above Self is our motto. Let us put it in motion now.


Vivian Hardison
President, Brooklyn Bridge Rotary Club

In aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, club will NOT meet Nov. 1

President Vivian Hardison announced that this week’s meeting of the Brooklyn Bridge Rotary Club has been cancelled, “In view of the extensive devastation caused my Hurricane Sandy.”

Several members of the club “have been adversely affected by the storm,” and other members would not be able to reach the meeting because of transportation difficulties, she said.